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Development of physical qualities

Fencing is a versatile sport where you need to develop in all directions. Promotes the development of speed, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

Our coaches

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Tymo Ievgenii

Master of Sports, Champion of Ukraine in cadets and juniors, bronze medalist of the European Championship in juniors.

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Conrad Natalia

Honored Master of Sports, World and European Champion in individual competitions (seniors).

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Davydkina Julia

Candidate master of sports, prize-winner of the Ukrainian championship in juniors, national category referee.

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Questions and answers

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    What do you need for your first training?

    You will need:

    • t-shirt

    • shorts or pants

    • sneakers with thick soles

    • good mood

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    Are there any age restrictions?

    Everyone can start fencing in our club. We have groups for both primary school students and professional athletes. There are classes for amateur athletes who have never practiced fencing before.

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    Is it dangerous to practice fencing?

    No. Fights take place in special equipment that fully protects the body from possible damage.

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    Do I need to buy equipment?

    At first, we will provide you with a sword and a glove for group work. In the future, our students, as a rule, willingly buy themselves all the equipment.

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    How much does the equipment cost?

    Usually, equipment is not bought in one day, but gradually as needed, so it does not become a problem for the pocket. A full set of fencing ammunition (epee, mask, glove, suit, gaiters, body wire) costs from 6000 UAH and more.

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    How does the training look?

    The Centre fencing club offers both group and individual lessons. Group training consists of warm-up, foot work, pair work and sparring with teammates. During individual training, you hone your skills with a one-on-one coach.

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    What prospects can I have?

    We find an individual approach to each athlete of the club. To acquaint a child with fencing, to bring yourself in shape, to go from a beginner to a master of sports, to fencing with a colleague after work or to become a star of amateur fencing in Ukraine, to become a member of the national team of the country. With us you can make any of your dreams come true.

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    How often do I need to exercise?

    Each group of athletes has its own separate schedule. To achieve the result, you need to train regularly from 3 times a week or more. For more details on our schedule, see the schedule section.

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The Centre Fencing Club has a number of benefits such as location, and of course the number of students. Due to the fact that many athletes in the hall always have the opportunity to hold the maximum number of fights with different opponents. But we can only talk about the club with reference to the coach, with whom we are very lucky. Eugene conducts interesting and intense workouts that will not make you bored. Despite the number of athletes in the gym, you will always be noticed and be lazy during the training will not work. The coach makes remarks, criticizes and encourages. Although in our case it is usually criticized.


What do
our students say?

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First lesson is free!

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First lesson is free!

What do we offer?

All athletes are divided into groups by age and level of skill.

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First Step

Children from 6 to 12 years old, who have already taken their first steps in fencing, regularly fence in competitions.

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Athletes 13 years of age and older, representing the club at Ukrainian and international competitions, candidates and members of the Ukrainian national team.

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Amateurs Profi

Amateur athletes 18 years old and older who have previously been fencing or have been fencing at amateur tournaments for a long time.

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Amateurs Beginner

You are not a child for a long time, but want to get acquainted with fencing and let it into your life? Then this group is for you.

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